PC*MILER|Web Services

What is PC*MILER?

PC*MILER is a product by ALK Technologies that generates routes and calculates mileage, tolls, and other information between automotive road-served locations through its native desktop and native mobile applications. These applications use on-line back-end services that are also maintained by ALK Technologies.

What is PC*MILER Web Services?

PC*MILER Web Services brings some of ALK's PC*Miler on-line back-end services capability to the internet in an easy to use API (Application Programming Interface) that is available within the HTTP and SOAP based protocols. PC*MILER Web Services gives you the capability to develop your own speciality applications using ALK Technologies' PC*MILER services.

For example, you may develop native .NET based applications on your Microsoft Windows machines interfacing with PC*MILER Web Services SOAP interface. You may also develop Android and iOS applications using PC*MILER Web Services REST (HTTP) interface. Also, for Web browser applications you may use ALK Maps, which is a JavaScript based interface that helps you access PC*MILER Web Services. The ALK Maps JavaScript library plugs into Open Layers mapping library, to make a full mapping applications within most web browsers.

PC*MILER Web Services are widely used by fleet management companies and shippers in North America, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Click here for more information on PC*MILER Web Services and the ALK Maps product functionality.

What can you do with PC*MILER Web Services?

PC*MILER Web Services APIs can be used to calculate automotive routes and distances based on a set of routing options for the purpose of using that information in other applications such as rating, fuel surcharge computations, equipment usage monitoring, etc.

Accessing the Service

The PC*MILER APIs provide a direct way to access these services via HTTP/S REST and SOAP requests.

The base URI to access SOAP requests is:


The base URI to access HTTP REST requests is:



All requests to PC*MILER Web Services must include a valid API Key. To obtain your API key contact ALK Sales or go directly to How to Buy.

API Key Usage

The API Key must be supplied with every request.
For SOAP insert the API Key in the Authorization field of the SOAP message.


For REST insert the API Key in the http Authorization: header or use authToken={APIKey} to the query string in the URI of the request.
For example:


Technical Support

Technical Support is provided by the ALK Support Center page.